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לזכר נשמת
In Memory Of
רפוא שלמה
For Speedy Recovery Of
אליאהו חיים בן חנה ריזאל
אהובא בת נחאמה לאה
In Honor Of
לידה לאה בת שרה
This website was developed to provide the comprehensive tool for zmanim and Hebrew calendar related information while helping raise funds for Jewish education of my children.

I have made commitments to these schools to pay part of the tuition from the funds collected via this website.

If you find the information provided here helpful, please consider supporting the schools listed to the right. Your donations are tax deductible and is really appreciated. Meanwhile, you are doing the mitvah of supporting Jewish education. Tizku L'Mitzvoth.

Donation Information
You can either send a check directly to the school of your choice or use online donation if available. Please indicate innovZman on your payment, thank you.
Beneficiary Schools
Torah Day School of Atlanta
1985 LaVista Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30329
Phone: 404-982-0800
Yeshiva Atlanta
3130 Raymond Drive
Atlanta, GA 30340
Phone: 770-451-5299
B'not Torah Institute
(Rabbi Sharfman)

American Friends of BTI
27 Rechoov Yam Suf
P.O. Box 18235
P.O. Box 300596
91181 JerusalemBrooklyn, NY 11230-2216
Phone: (02) 581-4382718-253-4579
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