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לזכר נשמת
In Memory Of
רפוא שלמה
For Speedy Recovery Of
אליאהו חיים בן חנה ריזאל
אהובא בת נחאמה לאה
In Honor Of
לידה לאה בת שרה
This website was developed to provide a comprehensive tool for zmanim and Hebrew calendar related information while helping raise funds for Jewish education of my children. I have made commitments to several schools to pay part of the tuition from the funds collected via this website.

If you find the information provided here helpful please consider sponsoring this web site in honor, in memory of or for refuah shlema (speedy recovery) of a loved one. The name of your honoree will appear in the bar to the left while you are doing the mitzvah of supporting Jewish education. Your donations are also tax deductible and are really appreciated. Tizku L'Mitzvot.

Upon reicept and verification of your sponsorship info, an e-mail will be send to you to verify your e-mail address and give you a way to change this sponsorship. The info about paying your pledge will be included as well. Please allow 24-hours to activate your sponsorship.

Donations to the schools and charities specified are on honor basis. You will not be billed unless requested in the comment section. Your information is protected and will not be used for additional solicitation.
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