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לזכר נשמת
In Memory Of
רפוא שלמה
For Speedy Recovery Of
אליאהו חיים בן חנה ריזאל
אהובא בת נחאמה לאה
In Honor Of
לידה לאה בת שרה
Hebrew Calendar Info
Hebrew calendar is based on the lunar cycle. Torah instructs us how to devise a calendar based on the appearance of the new moon. It also requires the holidays to fall at certain season of the year.

Hebrew day starts from the evening before. The time between sunset and nightfall is a gray area. The exact time when to the day begins varies according to the authorities. Please consult your Rabbi how many minutes after sunset the new day starts.

Yahartzeit is the aniversary of passing of someones loved one. This day is observed by saying Kaddish. Some have a custom of fasting on this day. Some give a seuda coinsiding with completion of learning a seder of Mishnayot or Talmud.
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